The Future of Medtech

Keynote Speakers:


Dr. Habib Frost, SU Nordic Future of Health Faculty

Habib Frost is an entrepreneur, inventor, researcher and physician that graduated as the youngest Medical Doctor in Denmark at the age of 23. He has worked with sensors, robotics and the gene editing technology CRISPR. In 2017, Habib was elected both Forbes 30 under 30 and MIT’s Innovators Under 35.

Furthermore, Habib is the founder & CEO of Neurescue, developing computer-aided medical devices to help emergency patients. During The Future of Medtech, Habib will share his view on the future of medicine and the development of digital biology.

David Brudö, Remente

Based on over 1.9 million users and from helping more than 250 businesses, Remente is a mental health app that provides tools to improve wellbeing and performance with individuals and organisations. David Brudö, founder of Remente, will share insights from the Medtech startup community as well as his thoughts on mental wellbeing in the future.

On the consumer side, the app grows organically with 1,000+ new users per day and guides the user from insight to action, based around how the brain works. For businesses, Remente offers employees the tools to perform and balance life holistically, on and off work, while providing the organisation a scalable, proven and actionable toolkit for mental health & wellbeing across the organisation. The app has been featured in renowned magazines such as Forbes, The Guardian, WIRED and The Telegraph.

Listen to David’s and Habib’s thoughts on The Future of Medtech!